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Welcome to Paradise Pantry, a blog dedicated to sharing cooking and lifestyle tips to help your body and mind thrive. The recipes here revolve around my plant-based way of eating and I hope you will discover a new way of cooking without comprising between flavour and nourishment. PP also offers delicious wholefood made to order.


Hello friends, I’m just going to say first of all I am a health nerd and self confessed tea, banana and nut butter lover. Currently I am in my third year of studying a Bachelor of Nutrition and Dietitics on the Gold Coast, Australia which more often then not leads to procastabaking… We all know that productivity is heightened with a freshly baked chocolate beetroot muffin in one hand and pen in the other.

Walking, yoga, swimming and snowboarding (when I can find snow) are how I love to move, if I’m not in the kitchen I will most likely be out doing one of those. I am ridiculously organised, adore travelling, get excited over farmers markets and love ticking things off in my diary. I have a chocolate border collie whose name is Blaze (nickname Blazedawg), he features in a few of my photos because more often than not he photobombs the picture investigating what smells so good, or he is just too pretty not to be in it. I’ve lived in Canada and France so if you’re from either of those countries I’ll have a bit of a soft spot for you.

Paradise Pantry is my dream and it will continue to grow and evolve with me. When I become an Accredited Dietician the plan is to offer Dietitic Services as well to achieve the goal of helping the world become healthier and happier. I look forward to helping you along your health journey and inspiring you with recipes and lifestyle tips. If you would like to know more keep reading the questions at the bottom of the page, check out my blog posts or send me an email. I am very active on Instagram and Facebook, so if you’re into mouthwatering pictures of healthy food come follow and say hi.



Happiness for me comes from cooking and creating recipes with wholefood, unprocessed ingredients. My focus is on vegetarian food, using wholegrains, legumes, good fats, fruits and vegetables to be the star of any dish. I eat and love food, a lot. I strongly believe in listening to your body, its cravings for nutrient dense food and not counting calories.

Cooking inspired and calms me, plus I love watching other people be nourished and enjoy my food.

But most of all my passion probably comes from the fact that I just want to eat whatever I’m cooking.

Paradise Pantry is about promoting a balanced lifestyle and eating real food. Bringing to light the fact that you can enjoy fruit and vegetables not because you are told that you should, but because you really love eating them and feeling the benefits from them.


Certain recipes and food items that I make can be made to order. This is perfect for people who are time poor or don’t enjoy cooking but what to have healthy options in the fridge, freezer or pantry. It is also a great option for dinner parties, birthday or any occasion where there are lots of people and you are already very busy and would like some beautifully presented, healthy canapés, side dishes or desserts to wow your guests and take the pressure off you.

All my food is refined sugar free, mostly organic ingredients, fresh, healthy and real. A lot of recipes are also dairy, gluten free and some are vegan. In saying that I can tailor the food item if you have any allergies or intolerances.

If you are having trouble deciding what you would like to order, don’t stress, the nourish box is for you. A combination of healthy sweet treats and savoury snacks already put together for you so you can enjoy a taste of everything for a discounted price.

I ask that I be given 2-3 days notice to make the item, pretty please!

If there is something you would like made that isn’t on the website or doesn’t have the option for made to order send me an email / enquire and I will do my best to help.




Paradise Pantry offers a delivery service for the Gold Coast and Brisbane only.

  • Free within 5 kilometres of Paradise Point
    and free pick up from PP
  • $10 for the rest of the Gold Coast

Interim place whilst we build our new duplex : 25E Rouen Avenue, Paradise Point.


Why is your blog called Paradise Pantry?

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My partner Brayden actually came up with the name. I had so many names floating around in my head and as soon as he said that one, PP was born. We live in Paradise Point and with all the beautiful ingredients out of the pantry getting turned into delicious meals, a no brainer.

Philosophy & Styling?

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I use a canon EOS 6D and am in love with it. Its still quite new to me so I’m taking it slow trying to work out all the great features it has to make my food shine. All the styling is done by yours truly. I am always on the look out for great props and surfaces and try and keep it quite simple. I always shoot in natural light and have so much fun doing it! Brayden is very patient waiting for the food while I take a million photos of it.

Where is your produce / ingredients from?

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I buy organic fruits and vegetables to use in my cooking from Farmer Foster.

What can we always find in your kitchen?

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Oats, buckwheat, quinoa, legumes, dark chocolate, berries, apples, bananas, avocado, spinach, kale, sweet potato, eggs, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, yoghurt and nut butters.
I buy everything organic where possible from the farmers market and my local health food store. Its honestly not anymore expensive than going to the supermarket.
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Favourite foods ?

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I love a good soup, spelt pizza , chai latte, chocolate smoothie, matcha icecream, banana with peanut butter and cacao nibs, dark chocolate, healthy stickydate pudding and my mums vegetarian lasagna.

What’s to come for Paradise Pantry?

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When I graduate I will be adding on a Dietitics Services option to educate and help people along their journey to become a healthier person. I will offer personalised meal plans, supermarket tours, helping the person sort out their pantry and cooking guidance.
I look forward to that day where I can professionally share my passion with you! In the meantime enjoy the recipes, order some food and send me inspiring messages to help me study.
Love and nourishment, Holly x

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