Paradise Pantry offers a range of services for Industry.

Having worked for Australia’s largest franchisee network for over two years and now contracting to national brands, Holly is experienced in the demands and attention to detail that industry requires.

Nutrition Information Panel Creation / Health Claims / Kiljoule Menu Labelling Scheme
– Contractor for businesses requiring Foodworks data / Nutrition Information Panels
– Guidance on Health Claims
– Assistance organising product/ingredient testing if required
– Advisement on kJ menu labelling scheme and what your business needs to implement to meet leglisation

Recipe Development
– Recipe development for certain products, to meet specific diets & health claims
– Call out of ‘dietitian’ created and endorsed recipe
– Stay on top of health food trends, but also know the evidence behind it and how it nourishes our bodies

Food Styling & Photography
– Beautiful imagery for online content
– Specialising in health food products

Nutrition Content
– Creation of blog posts, articles and videos on health issues / products
– Focus on creative, informative, attractive and easy to understand material
– As a dietitian; providing an evidence based and trusted voice amongst the online noise

Demonstrations / Workshops
– Running nutrition information sessions or cooking workshops for the company or internally for staff


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