First of all, yayayay Evohe ! I’ve struggled and struggled since, well since I started using moisturisers etc. (so my whole skincare life) to find a brand that my skin was happy with and that I loved the ingredients of. And thats where Evohe come in. Sustainable Luxury Skincare is definitely what you get. I’ve tossed and turned between brands, never being fully happy but I can say without doubt I will be staying with Evohe for the rest of my life.

I discovered Evohe when I was working with a lovely lady whose skin just glowed ! I was just in awe. One day we got talking about what skin products we use and I carefully listened knowing that I would definitely give what she was using a go. Brayden and I were off to Japan for 3 weeks (take me back please) and Evohe’s trial pack sounded perfect for travelling / testing the brand. It was especially nourishing for the harshly cold temperatures that my face was putting up with ( omega oil was a lifesaver ).  Well it’s obvious that I feel in love and ordered more as soon as I got home, actually before I even got home so I didn’t have to wait a couple of days #tooorganised


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