At home its quite easy to eat well, but travelling and staying healthy is a whole other ball park.

I’m mostly referring to just the long car, train, bus, boat and plane trips. Once I’m at the destination all is good in the world. It’s the navigating & searching for wholesome, real food goodness on the plane, in the middle of an airport or service station that is the hard part (good luck).

My stomach can be quite sensitive to certain foods and I don’t like eating processed junk, so with a long haul flight to Canada coming up I started thinking about what I was going to eat to feel great to get my holiday off to a good start.  I can’t think of anything worse than feeling bloated and have having abdominal cramps squished in a plane when I’m starting the holiday of a lifetime. And I’m sure many of you feel the same way so I wanted to share my travel snacks and tips that I stick to as much as possible.


The best hot chocolate ever. Ever.

Now I take a lot of pride in my cooking and I usually make everything from scratch, because most of the time because it always taste better than the things I can buy.

This Loving Earth hot chocolate mix is the exception. As soon as I run out, another one must replace is immediately. God forbid I be without it for even one day.



Get ready for the best chai of your life ↣ There’s no turning back from Calmer Sutra Tea

And that pretty much sums up my first chai latte made with Calmer Sutra chai. Before that day all I’d had were chai’s made with sugary powder and syrup, and I haven’t had one since. It was in Daylesford, Victoria that I had my first sip, at a cafe that was run by two guys from Boston. They made amazing chowder but it was the chai that stood out. My whole family were amazed at the taste, how did they make it ? Calmer Sutra Chai was the answer. So we bought some online straight away so we could enjoy it all the time. How was it a million times better than all the other chai’s we had had? Real ingredients.  It was like the chai fog was lifted, this was what it was meant to taste like. I enjoy chai’s many times a week now, especially in winter. It takes a tiny bit longer to make that just mixing powder or syrup in your milk but it is so worth it and it is actually quite a lovely ritual.


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