Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my all time favourite, best of the best recipes. One that I make weekly and enjoy nearly everyday. It’s just so tasty, so simple and very nourishing. Last year and this year has been very busy – third year uni and building a house were not meant to be done at the same time but I made sure I always had my jar of granola filled and hey, I made it through! A tasty, healthy breakfast can help you achieve a lot of things.


As the days are starting to have more of a chill in the air (which means 27 degrees on the Gold Coast) I start craving hot drinks early morning and in the afternoon. I adore my chai’s, hot chocolate’s and matcha latte’s but now a new drink has fast become part of my decision making process. The Turmeric Latte. Full of goodness, spices and flavour, what more could you want. You can feel the warming effects of the spices immediately.


The best hot chocolate ever. Ever.

Now I take a lot of pride in my cooking and I usually make everything from scratch, because most of the time because it always taste better than the things I can buy.

This Loving Earth hot chocolate mix is the exception. As soon as I run out, another one must replace is immediately. God forbid I be without it for even one day.


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