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YAY x gabillion !! My new, improved blog is here and I am beyond thrilled / excited / happy / grateful to be able to share this with you! Thrive have done an amazing job making it super pretty and user friendly, thanks guys. So grab a cup of tea .. (or a matcha latte after you’ve read this post), get comfy and have a look around.


Matcha does it again. I adore the taste in this smoothie, nice and thick so its almost like green tea ice cream.

I always add toppings, it makes a smoothie more of a meal and makes you chew which helps digestion. Plus toppings are plain delicious. To me, they are just as important as the smoothie. I am a huge fan of texture in my food, the crunch of nuts and chewiness of mulberries on top of a silky smooth green jar of goodness, mmm mmmm.


Love matcha like me?

Check out these recipes and learn more about this amazing green powder >> Matcha Latte >> Matcha Porridge 


Get ready for the best chai of your life ↣ There’s no turning back from Calmer Sutra Tea

And that pretty much sums up my first chai latte made with Calmer Sutra chai. Before that day all I’d had were chai’s made with sugary powder and syrup, and I haven’t had one since. It was in Daylesford, Victoria that I had my first sip, at a cafe that was run by two guys from Boston. They made amazing chowder but it was the chai that stood out. My whole family were amazed at the taste, how did they make it ? Calmer Sutra Chai was the answer. So we bought some online straight away so we could enjoy it all the time. How was it a million times better than all the other chai’s we had had? Real ingredients.  It was like the chai fog was lifted, this was what it was meant to taste like. I enjoy chai’s many times a week now, especially in winter. It takes a tiny bit longer to make that just mixing powder or syrup in your milk but it is so worth it and it is actually quite a lovely ritual.


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