EXCITING ANNOUNCEMENT!! ?☕️✨ I’m so happy to say I’m officially a Calmer Sutra Tea Ambassador!

Here’s me in chai heaven, and that’s not even all their products…If I had to pick my personal faves are the original, dandi chai (caffeine free) and super spiced cacao, and the beautiful mug because you know me and ceramics… and oh the honey. Actually I can’t pick.

I have been drinking their chai & products for 12 years now (I think it’s in my blood) and if you know me I’ve probably mentioned it to you or made you one. It’s the only chai for me, I have it most mornings and love sharing it with people.

So it feels incredibly natural to become one of their ambassadors, and I’m very excited to show you guys more of their products and spread the real chai love & #goodcalmer ❤️

Reasons I love; ingredients are amazing and promote health, taste is sooo well balanced, small family run Melbourne business with great ethos, love the ritual of making a chai, the packaging is beautiful and sustainable (I reuse a lot of the tins), I could go on forever.

I’ll spend some time on my Instagram going through my fave ways to use the products but in the meantime if you’re a chai lover you need this is your life.

Use the code PARADISEPANTRY15 for 15% off ?? Here’s a link to help with your ☕️ shopping – They make the perfect gifts too!


Wow, where to begin. This blog has definitely not has as much love from me over the past year as it deserves (Sorry Paradise Pantry). Thanks for sticking by me everyone ❤︎

I do have a good reason though! I built a house andddd went on placement (which was like a very intense, full time job). So understandably the past year of my life has been pretty full, which has meant this blog had to take a back seat. But now I’m officially a Dietitian and Nutritionist and am very happy to be able to put a bit more time towards Paradise Pantry (amongst the wedding planning!).


Now I love tandoori, I love fish and I love tacos. So that means I triple love this dish.

So when Pataks sent me the tandoori paste and the yummy sides I somehow brainstormed my way to Tandoori Fish Tacos. The flavours of the spices and fresh white fish go perfectly together. A delicious twist on the usual tandoori chicken.

It is pretty easy to make and oh my, the flavours. It was like a party in my mouth and when I was finished I wished I had made more. So take note people, maybe double the recipe 😉

These tacos and sides are a beautiful, tasty combination of carbs, protein and fat. A great combo go all the macronutrients. Fresh crunchy vegetables, melt in your mouth spiced fish, soft yet hearty wraps. And the sauces are not to be forgotten. I ate about half the pappadums and eggplant pickle dip whilst I was cooking. Just pure yum. I think i’ll be making that dip for a lot of different meals.


Today I’m so excited to share with you one of my all time favourite, best of the best recipes. One that I make weekly and enjoy nearly everyday. It’s just so tasty, so simple and very nourishing. Last year and this year has been very busy – third year uni and building a house were not meant to be done at the same time but I made sure I always had my jar of granola filled and hey, I made it through! A tasty, healthy breakfast can help you achieve a lot of things.


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