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This recipe seems appropriate now that spring weather is well and truly here ! Colourful, fresh and healthy. I love just putting in what ever vegetables and beans I have on hand. But I always have to have some guac and salsa to dip it into. Cashew cheese is also a delicious addition, and a glass of kombucha. #summeriscoming

Enjoy these in the sun (with a hat on) this weekend and you’ll be one happy chappy.

These nachos are vegan but can be changed to whatever suits you ! I just love making the veggie to corn chip ratio even, make sure you get veggies with every bit and these will be so much healthier than your typical restaurant nachos.

These sprouts (omg) , and all my veggies are from Farmer Foster at the Helensvale Farmers Markets. I’m in love. I sprinkle them on everything, such a beautiful fresh texture. So if you’re on the Gold Coast make sure to come and get some >>

Is there any better way to eat cauliflower ? Roasting it just makes it so soft and flavoursome with the right amount of crunch on the edges. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I used to think cauliflower was a bit of a meh vegetable, this salad has totally changed it for me. This combo is meant to be together, I first got this idea from Jess Cox Nutritionist (genius) and have put my own little twist on it. I eat this for a main meal or as a side, plus I always make sure I have some leftover to brighten my lunch for the next day #yayleftovers. This recipe is extremely versatile, use whatever beans, seeds or grains you want. I sometimes add in grated beetroot, and I’ve made it with sesame seeds and cannelinni beans >> it always turns out great.

So next time you get a cauliflower, make sure this recipe is on your hit list.


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