As the days are starting to have more of a chill in the air (which means 27 degrees on the Gold Coast) I start craving hot drinks early morning and in the afternoon. I adore my chai’s, hot chocolate’s and matcha latte’s but now a new drink has fast become part of my decision making process. The Turmeric Latte. Full of goodness, spices and flavour, what more could you want. You can feel the warming effects of the spices immediately.


Oh it’s good to be back!!! I’m beyond happy to have time to blog again. Uni is done for the year and now the fun begins.

A little update on the Paradise Pantry for everyone… I was Flannerys Featured foodie for October >> I shared thoughts and facts about me and two recipes >> Choc, almond bars , Ultimate Chia Parfait 

And to top that, I was/am Loving Earths featured foodie for November. I’m still pinching myself because this was a huge goal for me and I’m so happy with the recipes that my brain came up with, and having myself and friends taste test I can guarantee they are delicious. They are all on the Loving Earth website >> Caramelised buckini popsicles, Cookie Slice, Choc, Mandarin tarts, Neapolitan Ice cream cake, Sunday Smoothie. Arghh, I love them all so much but in saying that the popsicles will be found 24/7 in my freezer this summer ☼


So you know what you’re having for breakfast this Sunday ✓

This idea just came to me when I was laying in bed on a Sunday wondering what to eat. I have to have pancakes at least once a week so I was definitely feeling like some pancakes were going to be made. The stunning jar of Loving Earth Acai powder just keep popping into my head. How can I combine them… I wanted to keep the nutritional content as high in the Acai powder as possible so I didn’t want to cook it, plus I was curious to see how it would go in something other than a smoothie. Lightbulb, incorporate it into my array of toppings! Andy that’s how this combo was born.


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