Get ready for the best chai of your life ↣ There’s no turning back from Calmer Sutra Tea

And that pretty much sums up my first chai latte made with Calmer Sutra chai. Before that day all I’d had were chai’s made with sugary powder and syrup, and I haven’t had one since. It was in Daylesford, Victoria that I had my first sip, at a cafe that was run by two guys from Boston. They made amazing chowder but it was the chai that stood out. My whole family were amazed at the taste, how did they make it ? Calmer Sutra Chai was the answer. So we bought some online straight away so we could enjoy it all the time. How was it a million times better than all the other chai’s we had had? Real ingredients.  It was like the chai fog was lifted, this was what it was meant to taste like. I enjoy chai’s many times a week now, especially in winter. It takes a tiny bit longer to make that just mixing powder or syrup in your milk but it is so worth it and it is actually quite a lovely ritual.


I’m so excited to introduce this new lifestyle section! This is where I will be finding health and wellness people to interview and learn more about their life. I love to support fellow health nuts and it’s so interesting and refreshing to hear their ideas and inspirations.

There is no one better to get the ball rolling than Holly Fleet. She has a very similar style of cooking and outlook on life as me (plus the same name 😉 ) so naturally I was drawn to her. But seriously, her instagram makes me drool >> @hollyfleet_nutrition

Read on and be inspired by Holly ! ❥


First of all, yayayay Evohe ! I’ve struggled and struggled since, well since I started using moisturisers etc. (so my whole skincare life) to find a brand that my skin was happy with and that I loved the ingredients of. And thats where Evohe come in. Sustainable Luxury Skincare is definitely what you get. I’ve tossed and turned between brands, never being fully happy but I can say without doubt I will be staying with Evohe for the rest of my life.

I discovered Evohe when I was working with a lovely lady whose skin just glowed ! I was just in awe. One day we got talking about what skin products we use and I carefully listened knowing that I would definitely give what she was using a go. Brayden and I were off to Japan for 3 weeks (take me back please) and Evohe’s trial pack sounded perfect for travelling / testing the brand. It was especially nourishing for the harshly cold temperatures that my face was putting up with ( omega oil was a lifesaver ).  Well it’s obvious that I feel in love and ordered more as soon as I got home, actually before I even got home so I didn’t have to wait a couple of days #tooorganised


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