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Is there any better way to eat cauliflower ? Roasting it just makes it so soft and flavoursome with the right amount of crunch on the edges. My mouth is watering just thinking about it.  I used to think cauliflower was a bit of a meh vegetable, this salad has totally changed it for me. This combo is meant to be together, I first got this idea from Jess Cox Nutritionist (genius) and have put my own little twist on it. I eat this for a main meal or as a side, plus I always make sure I have some leftover to brighten my lunch for the next day #yayleftovers. This recipe is extremely versatile, use whatever beans, seeds or grains you want. I sometimes add in grated beetroot, and I’ve made it with sesame seeds and cannelinni beans >> it always turns out great.

So next time you get a cauliflower, make sure this recipe is on your hit list.


These are one of my absolute favourite savoury snacks. I put anything and everything on them, avocado, tomato, cashew cheese, Vegemite, dips, soups, in salads, organic cheddar, mums quince paste, hard boiled eggs, nut butters. I make sure to fill up a jar with them every week, they are definitely a staple in my pantry. 

I made them out of the desire to find a healthy cracker! Brayden loves his savoury snacks and so he would ask for crackers at work. I hated reading the ingredients on all the supermarket crackers and then lightbulb, surely I can make my own ?

Et voila, my seed crackers were born.

Homemade. Real ingredients. Simple & Easy. 


These bad boys are the most amazing cookies hands down. The perfect cookie I would go so far as to say. I’m pretty sure Blaze thinks so too, those eyes are hoping that it falls to the ground so he can gobble it up, even though I tell him that chocolate is bad for him. I nearly always enjoy these with a hot drink >> green tea, hot chocolate, chai, matcha to name a few. Brayden loves them with cold milk. He begs me to make them and I often surprise him with them.


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