Here is it. The famous, (well at my yoga classes anyway) the delicious, APPLE CINNAMON GRANOLA !

Granola is a staple in my kitchen. I always have to have a jar of it otherwise my kitchen feels naked, (same goes for my seed crackers). This is my go to breakfast, topping and snack.

Warning : It granola is very, very moorish. Like pour the amount you are going to eat and then lock the granola in a cupboard moorish ツ


Magical matcha, oh so tasty and versatile. I’ve put it in smoothies, balls, granola bars and now porridge. I adore the flavour and the colour so in my opinion matcha is just all around awesome. There’s still a bit of winter left, even on the Gold Coast. This porridge is perfect for those cold mornings, a bowl of sustained energy and antioxidants to keep you full and nourished. If you want to learn a bit more about matcha check out this post 

I couldn’t resist a couple of pieces of Loving Earths dark chocolate >> match made in heaven ! Matcha made heaven.. Haha, sorry.  Crunchy cacao nibs and fresh blueberries were excellent choices too. I think some berry chia jam and banana would also be delicious if the chocolate is a bit too extravagant for you to have in the morning. But seriously, just look at it oozing into itself!


Matcha does it again. I adore the taste in this smoothie, nice and thick so its almost like green tea ice cream.

I always add toppings, it makes a smoothie more of a meal and makes you chew which helps digestion. Plus toppings are plain delicious. To me, they are just as important as the smoothie. I am a huge fan of texture in my food, the crunch of nuts and chewiness of mulberries on top of a silky smooth green jar of goodness, mmm mmmm.


Love matcha like me?

Check out these recipes and learn more about this amazing green powder >> Matcha Latte >> Matcha Porridge 

This is super exciting for all you porridge lovers out there. Add some jazz to those oats in the morning and turn them into a carrot cake ! I love this with beautiful tahini and lots of other topping that add delicious texture.

This recipe is also to incorporate a vegetable into your breakfast, its a pretty nice feeling. Tasty and filling, this porridge is a staple during winter. I remember one time eating it for dinner and Brayden had to make something. I craved carrot cake porridge, so carrot cake porridge I made ☆

Soaking the oats make them a lot softer and creamier, plus cook quicker. Win win. So if you can remember put them in a container with the milk before you go to bed.



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